Every song, a purpose; every note, an intention. An international yoga teacher, Perry began weaving sound into his classes with his first DJ mix in 2016.

Combining downtempo, tribal house, and ethereal electronic melodies, his mix series 'The Space Between' has reached all edges of the globe, amassing 100,000+ plays on SoundCloud alone in 2018 and even more in 2019-20.

He has continued to share music and teach yoga at festivals and events worldwide, gaining support from artists and record labels including Magician On Duty (Miami), Deep House LA (Los Angeles), Souq Records (Tulum), Project Heart (Tulum/Istanbul), Gardens of Babylon (Netherlands/Germany), Sunset Grooves (Switzerland), Resueno Records (San Marcos La Laguna) and more.

His guest mix for Magician on Duty was picked up on Spotify with a beautiful compliment offered by Afterhour Sounds who described it as "Slow and with a proper portion of sandman dust... a magical, emotional set... a treat from the realm of slowing."

Perry currently spends most of his time between Ometepe/Maderas Beach, Nicaragua & San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala where he helps co-create music and ecstatic dance events, teaches yoga and works as a digital marketing consultant.

Wisdom is knowing we are nothing. Love is recognizing we are everything. Our lives move in The Space Between.